"I started to feel like myself again. I'm able to laugh at things again. I have ideas again. I'm able to focus more and make plans. I'm not living in a fog. I enjoy spending time with my son. My appetite has evened out. I find it easier to get out of bed in the morning. I'm not wallowing in despair all the time."
​- Ellen

Ziv Ezra Cohen, M.D.


“Before starting TMS, I was so depressed that I couldn’t eat, sleep or get out of bed. I had stopped doing the things I enjoyed entirely, because I didn’t have the energy or interest. It took a few weeks, but I started to notice myself thinking more positively and it kept improving from there. Thank you, Dr. Cohen!”

- Lauren

Manhattan TMS 

"I noticed an improvement in sleep and concentration."

- David

TMS Testimonials

"Everything here is truly pleasant. I especially appreciate the staff's patience, friendliness, and genuine care for my well-being. I was also impressed with the ease of scheduling. It was no trouble at all to make appointment that fit with my unpredictable work/childcare schedule. I just wish more people (patients and doctors) knew about TMS!"
​- Sarah

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“My depression improved dramatically throughout the course of my TMS treatment. I am finally able to sleep through the night and am looking forward to living my life again. My entire family noticed the difference in me before I did. TMS changed my life after decades of failed medications and terrible side effects. I finally feel like “me” again.”

- Ben

"The treatment was so much more comfortable than I thought it would be. I experienced slight discomfort during the first two treatments, but it was smooth sailing from then on!"

- Greg

"My mood was improved and stayed steadily improved. The treatment was non-invasive. It was great."
​- Kate

"Even considering wild variables going on in my life - good and bad - I experienced a brightness I don't think would have been there otherwise."
​- Jennifer

*Patient names have been changed in order to preserve privacy.