Ziv Ezra Cohen, M.D.

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Sarah Delaney, NP, is a board certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, who works with children, adolescents and adults to address a wide range of social, emotional and behavioral issues. ​ Sarah holds an appointment at Columbia University and is on staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She received her graduate degree from Yale University.

Sarah provides comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and treatment, including psychopharmacology and psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and children. Sarah specializes in the treatment of a variety of mental health disorders and stressors, including mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, ADHD across the lifespan, disruptive behavior disorders, adjustment difficulties with acute life issues and events, medical illness-related problems and relationship problems.  Sarah has a great deal of experience working with schools, family systems and teaching parenting skills. She takes pride in offering evidence based, patient centered care that takes a holistic approach to meet each individual’s needs and goals. Sarah offers warm, empathic and collaborative care.


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Dr. Cohen has expertise in psychopharmacology, the management of mental health conditions using medications. Dr. Cohen's training at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center gives him a deep understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying emotion, attention, mood, anxiety, and other states. In addition, Dr. Cohen's work in the emergency room and on inpatient mental health units has given him a thorough appreciation for managing complex treatments and individuals with more than one mental health condition.

Dr. Cohen also uses pharmaco-genetic testing when necessary, which uses a DNA test to assess the patient metabolic profile for particular medications. 

Dr. Cohen approaches each patient as a unique individual and tailors the psychiatric treatment to fit the particular challenges faced by the patient. Dr. Cohen uses this comprehensive approach to provide the patient with a thorough consultation and treatment plan that meets the patient's individual needs. 

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