Ziv Ezra Cohen, M.D.

@ Principium Psychiatry

In addition to a standard, pay per appointment practice, Dr. Cohen has developed his concierge practice as a way to provide more flexible care to his patients. 

Concierge patients will have increased flexibility regarding appointments, rescheduling, and telephone access to Dr. Cohen. The concierge medicine model allows Dr. Cohen to be more flexible with his schedule and more accessible to his patients. 

With both an excellent in-house team and a network of the city's best doctors, Dr. Cohen is able to ensure that his patients receive first-rate care with two goals in mind: attending to problems and preventing them before they even happen. 

To inquire about or register for Dr. Cohen's concierge practice, please contact us at info@manhattantms.com or 212-335-0236. 

Manhattan TMS 

Concierge Practice

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CANCELLATION POLICYNo cancellation policy.
Flexible rescheduling.
Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled according to cancellation policy. 
APPOINTMENTSMonthly appointments + one extra emergency session included. 
Monthly appointments. 
PRICING PLANFlat biannual fee.